Who We Are


It is with humility, love, and grace that we welcome you to our website.  I’m
Harold, and along with my wife, Kim, and son TC, we steward Ezekiel’s
Christian Ministries with direction from the Holy Spirit (John 16:13).

We are ordinary people pursuing an extraordinary life, the kind that is described in the pages of the Bible (Matthew 6:33) We live on a small farm in Northwest Louisiana with cows, chickens, and a beagle named Bailey.

We believe in creation as it is stated in Genesis. We accept the entire Bible as God’s word being unchangeable, true, and relevant today as much as when it was spoken and recorded (2 Timothy 3:16). We acknowledge that the Bible describes a way of life that is being “in the world, but not of the world” (Matthew 17:14-16).

Kim and I both came to know the Lord fully in our adult years. By pressing into the truths in the Bible over the last two decades, we have experienced many of God’s promises firsthand including TC’s healing as a baby from a congenital heart defect (1 Peter 2:24), (watch this healing testimony at https://youtu.be/m-iSq6bhmOo), financial prosperity (3 John 2), and peace in our lives (Philippians 4:7). Our hope is that you too will know the abundant life God promises in His word (2 Peter 1:3-4).

How It All Began

We started our training as ministers of the Lord and teachers of God’s word through working with John G. Lake Ministries. In 2015, we felt the Lord calling us to branch out and form Ezekiel’s Christian Ministries to help us reach deeper into our community. We serve our local community in and around the Shreveport/Bossier City, Louisiana area in a variety of ways: leading men’s and women’s Bible studies, doing prayer outreach, ministering and discipling one-on-one.

Additionally, our love for the Rocky Mountains has taken us to Livingston, Montana, on several occasions where we work with people there equipping them to serve their local community.

On a global scale, we’ve served on several mission trips to the Dominican Republic as part of a YWAM team equipping students and leaders in the church on kingdom identity. Kim has also served on a mission trip to Haiti.

Looking Ahead

We believe the Holy Spirit is leading us to start a business in the marketplace to reach people outside the four walls of a church building. The Lord has impressed upon us that the business will be a coffee shop, but not just any coffee shop. We are currently in the planning stages and invite anyone who wants to get involved to reach out to us by email or phone.

There are a variety of ways we at Ezekiel’s can serve you no matter where you are in your walk with the Lord. Whether you’re just seeking to know God deeper, or are a seasoned minister of God’s word, Kim and I would love to connect with you to assist you (Ephesians 4:11-16) Please visit the What We Offer page for a list of our resources. We look forward to joining you on this journey we call life as we pursue the kingdom way of living that brings glory to our God.

In Him,

Harold and Kimberly Jones