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GPS Testimony

By September 11, 2017September 7th, 2021Praise Reports

I would like to title this testimony – How do you use your GPS?

Let me share my testimony on how I use mine.

We have a business and I had to pick up a check from another business. I was in our town when I got a text, the check was ready to be picked up. The business was nearly 25 miles away from us in a much larger town and I knew how to get around the loop and nearby highways, however at this point I was driving and could not call or input addresses in my phone and all that busy stuff.
I came from the era with none of that in hand much less in a vehicle. I remembered the road name from a previous email and the name of the business of course.As I am driving I realized for one, I didn’t have time to get lost or guess of which way to go on the loop.

Now the fun begins, I said holy spirit, I need your help! I need to know where this road is and what exit to take. About that time I was almost to an exit, and the holy spirit said this as I am exiting, I see the name of the business. There was no high rise sign in the area that I could have seen before the ramp. If I had driven past the ramp, I would have had to go miles to turnaround.

I said thank you Lord, for you always show us the easy route when we acknowledge you and all we have to do is ask, then listen!
I would like to say that my God’s Power System works all the time and anytime!

Leia Smithers
(also known as Kim Jones’ sister)

I thank the Lord for Harold and Kim and their encouragement and knowledge in the Word!

Written By: Leia